Weekend Recap

Man, what a crazy weekend! Its weekends like these that make me miss going to work!

Friday we finally finished my Simpson’s sleeve, thanks Sangre Hermosa! Then I rushed home to meet up with Chris to go out to Orlando for their car show. Ended up staying in Orlando for the night.

Saturday came back home, got my tires mounted on my bike thanks to Pure Acceleration, picked up some toys for the nights Stuff the xB car show, went to the car show, made $100 for owning my Scion xD and then went to Winghouse to end the night!

Sunday was some family time for Hanukah followed by a most needed nap!

Somehow through all of this I was able to completely revamp my Portfolio, you should check it out! Still have some updates left to do to it, but I felt the bulk was done and it was ready to stop hiding it from everyone.

My last 4 days at work before a week 14 days off, and my trip to Chicago!

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