Trek Excitement

Every time I get to do a photo shoot I always get excited but I am definitely more excited than normal for the pending New Years Eve Shoot. I’m not sure if it is because of all the epic locations we have planned or the fact that I am finally getting to shoot with my 2011 Trek 2.3 but either way I am amped! I’m so excited in fact that my Trek is getting some gifts in preparation of its pictorial debut.

Hopefully I’ll have time prior to the shoot to hit up 66Fixed to grab some new bar tape and maybe even some new tires.

Be on the look out for new pictures of Alyssa and the Trek 2.3 in Alyssa’s gallery within Joseph Knapp Photography’s Portfolio soon!


Was able to get the handle bars rewrapped looking MUCH better in black and also got a new tire on. Picking up the matching front tire tonight!


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