Too many pictures!

What a photogenic weekend that was! 3 days, 4 shoots, a couple 1000 pictures, let the editing begin!

Friday: St. Petersburg Fallen Officers Procession and Funeral.
Friday Night: USF Army Car Meet.
Friday Late Night: Hot Ticket Beer Pong Tournament
Saturday: TSB Motorcycle Photo Shoot.

Started my weekend off covering the procession and funeral for the 2 St. Petersburg Officers who were killed earlier this week just for doing there job. The mood lightened later when a friend called and asked me to go to a car meet with him at USF.

Every other Friday night the USF Army meets at the top level of the Library parking garage at USF. This is a school sanctioned event so there is no cop issues, no being kicked out, nothing to worry about but having fun, AMAZING! The guy who throws this also hosts Cars & Coffee Tampa so the meet has a very eclectic mix of exotics and rice. Check it out some Friday night, it is worth the drive.

After the meet was over we headed back to Hot Ticket in Clearwater for a beer pong tournament, it ended up being a pretty good show and I was glad I had my camera with me.

After a 2 hour nap it was time for the TSB Bike shoot on Saturday, ended up having 9 bikes show. Some how I managed to talk these guys into putting their bikes on a floating dock it was a sight to see for sure. After that we did some fun formation that involved me getting to hang off the side of a 100+ft bridge to get the right angles, I had fun! If you have a bike in the Tampa Bay area and are looking for people to ride with check out Tampa Sport Bikes tell them Luc1f3r set you.

Sunday was a non-shooting day for me but I had to run home at one point to grab some things and there was 2 Honda Civic Si’s in my neighborhood taking pictures. One of which was black sitting on some 18ish fluorescent pink Rota Grids, those are the rims I want for my car! So on my way out I stopped to talk to them and tell them of a spot of mine to check out. I managed to track the owner of the car down of facebook through other Si driving friends and hopefully I can set up a shoot with him. I’ve wanted to shoot some Si’s for a while now maybe I can get another group session together.

Now that all the shooting is over I get the joyous task of sorting and editing all the pictures. Don’t plan on seeing me out and about until they all get done, hopefully about a week for all 4 events. As always stay tuned to Joseph Knapp’s Portfolio for the pictures and I will make a new post when each event gets posted so you can check them out!

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