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About 2 weeks ago my boss came to me with a friendly reminder that with my new position I could no longer carry over my unused vacation time and that the year was quickly ended so I needed to get some days off scheduled so I didn’t lose my time. First thought was why not take off every weekend for the rest of the year, naww, I could do better then that.

Thats when I got it…. I HAVE AN AWESOME FAMILY!

Convo went something like
Text to Mom – Is Ben still in Chicago?

Mom – Yep.
Text to Ben – Can I bum it up for a few days?

Ben – Sure!
Text to Uncle – I know what you can get me for Hanukkah…

Uncle – Done!
Text to Mom – I’m going to Chicago
Mom – As long as your not moving there and will be coming home, sure.

It’s been sooooo long since I’ve been on a Trip/Vacation, cruises don’t count, I haven’t been on a plane in a few years, nor to a major city in forever!

Next step was to figure out what i wanted to do while I was there, being the person I am expense never really matters, but it’s always more fun to plan cheap and let that get ruined in the excitement. So, I set off to find a cheap way to spend 7 days in Chicago and not get bored… Foursquare to the rescue; if you haven’t checked out Foursquare before you should check it out. Its a fun little location based game that rewards you for visiting places. There are 7 “badges” that can only be unlocked in the Chicago area, and require going to places of some historical value, sounds like a great way to see the city, It’s already mapped out for me! The other 4 “badges” come from the Mazda Challenge

Forget AAA, use Foursquare to plan your next trip!

Annnnnd, just incase all the hunt for badges doesn’t last me all week; I found a List of days and times when all the museums and galleries in the city are free admission!

This should be an week (Dec 14th-21st) THANKS to everyone who helped make it possible!

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