The Holiday Season

So the holidays are fast approaching and it’s time to start pondering what to get everyone… or not. My dad’s side of the family decided that we would not do gifts this year due to the economy. I’m totally cool with that I’m broke like everyone else so I actually enjoy knowing I don’t have to buy all those extra gifts. But, for whatever reason my father finds that unfair to me and my cousin; keep in mind her and I are both in our mid-20’s and she even owns her own house…

My dad suggested that all the adults buy her and I gifts and we don’t have to get anything for anyone and they won’t be giving gifts to each other… My aunt sent out an email confirming those details and encouraging my cousin and I to respond with a Dear Santa Wish List. This was my response:

Growing up is weird, being a kid you expect Santa, parents, whomever to give gifts because the calendar says so but once you get old its no longer expected and more feared as now you are expected to buy return gifts for all those people… at least there’s no fear this year! just guilt… its kinda odd to ask people for gifts without reciprocating. So, just tell my dad you got me something so he’s happy and I’ll be happy!

Now we wait to see how that goes over. lol.

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