Rule #32

For those whom don’t know; Rule #32 from Zombieland states you must: Enjoy the little things

Today I found myself suffering from a severe case of #32; no, this is NOT a bad thing! I left work for lunch, that in itself is amazing. I walk outside to be greeted by the AMAZING Florida weather. Get to Subway for lunch, haven’t had Subway in a while and been jonesin’ for it lately.

The line was long but I didn’t care, I wanted my Chicken Bacon Ranch. The line moved pretty fast so things were looking even more up. I get my food and a table and eat my first Sundried Tomato Sun Chip and what is it that i hear over the rawr of me chomping, and people ordering… Tracy Chapman’s Fastcar!!!

I don’t remember the last time i was as content with life as I was at that very moment. Nothing else mattered. I could have been hit by a bus on my way back to work and it would have been ok with me!

So, after that I feel compelled to challenge you all to Rule #32… Enjoy the little things!

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