Redbull Flugtag Tampa 2011

Oh.My.God. <--- Sums it all up in a nut shell. I'm not sure I got any pictures from the event due to how many people there were after a few Flugtagers I decided to stop trying to take pictures and just hung out and enjoyed the event. I also left early to avoid the hysteria which that was going to be. It was absolutely an interesting show and I would go again, either via boat or getting there earlier to get a good seat, I got there around 11, first flight at 1, and all the good watching spots were already taken; amazing. Can't wait to watch it again when it airs on ESPN. I think it is going to air on October 28th but I am not 100% on that date. Also an interesting note, this was the only US stop on the 2011 Flugtag tour, way to go Tampa!

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