Red Epic-M #296


Today was a pretty interesting day at work, the roles were reversed and I didn’t like it. Showdown Visuals was at my site to shoot a video for a division of the company for which I work and I spent the bulk of the shoot drooling. As soon as this creature came out of its travel bag I knew what it was. I was in awe; I could not wait to play. I sat by idly until the end of the shoot when I finally burst and asked if I could take a picture of the Red Epic-M just to prove that I had been up close and in front of one. To my surprise the guy who had been using it was more than happy to show it off, he turn it around so I could get the label and even flipped it over so I could get its serial number #0296 so as to brag about it.

On top of all that fun I also got to meet our company photographer who has 2 D90’s and a D7000 I was a little saddened to hear when he told me he uses the D90 lenses on the D7000 and doesn’t own any full frame glass.

Incase you don’t fully comprehend what this tangent is about check out the details on the $58,000 Red Epic-M Camera.


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