On a Whim


What a blast the past week or so has been, started of at the end of last week with Alyssa coming down to do a photoshoot with her car, Gidget; a 2004 Scion xA RS1.0, formerly. Check out the pictures from that here. After the shoot we went to WingHouse to watch the Vikings lose to the Patriots but it’s ok because this week the Vikings won while the Patriots lost… It KINDA evens out.

Fast forward to Wednesday, bike night, and I actually got to go! It has been forever since I made it out to Quaker and Banana Boat, I’m glad I did though. QSL was everything that it can be, not sure how much that is, but it is what it is. The night got cold and rain threatened so we all raced home to quiver in fear. I took the car up to Banana Boat and glad I did as it was the last week for it, the event got shut down by the cops for good, they are looking for a new location now. I was able to get some great pictures from the event and the chaos that followed. Pictures will be posted soon!

Ending the great week of the past was my pretend girlfriends visit. We toured the beaches, St. Pete, Clearwater, and everywhere else we could. We were able to fit in to the busy schedule a good cause in doing the Light the Night; Walk for a Cure. It was a lot of fun.

I’m glad she could come and even gladder she could leave! It was a jam packed weekend of nothing that I think really showed off what coastal life is about. I know I sure enjoyed my stay, hope she did as well! Now it’s off to finish editing pictures from Banana Boat’s last bike night, be on the look out for those being posted soon!

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