New Lenses!

This is why I should not have an e-Bay account! I started off on just looking around to see if there was any crazy deals, you know like a 10.5 for $300, something stupid. Ended up seeing a 70-300 which is not the 200-400 I really want but for $109 it caught my eye. Shipping was another $10 so I headed over to e-bay to see what the offerings were over there and the going rate for a new one. I know this is not a special lens and a kit lens by most standards so I was curious what new to used savings would be. I came to see the new was only about $15 more, shipping included. I then came on a package which was this 70-300 and a 28-80 for only a few dollars more than I had felt acceptable for the 70-300 so… I bit the bullet and bought the package. I had told myself last month that I was not going to buy any new car parts for the rest of the year and I have stuck with that but I cannot seem to beat this whole buying things I do not really need. At least this collection is one that actually serves a purpose and will not be so obsolete so quickly.

Cliff notes: I got new lenses!! 70-300mm and 28-80mm both Nikon.

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