Lightning Home Opener 2011

Last night my girlfriend and I went to the home opener for the 2011-2012 season of the Tampa Bay Lightning. We had some pretty nice seats (Section 110 Row N) in the newly renovated stadium. I was a little disappointed that the tesla coils did not work but it is just an incentive for us to go to another game once they are functional…

More interesting than the game was our pre-game dinner at the Hooters of Channelside. We were sat at a rather large table in a rather crowded building so it was not too large a surprise that we had a random guy ask us if he could share our table. My girlfriend looked at me with an 😮 face but I excitedly said “sure!”. After him sitting for a few minutes and me listening to his phone conversation (I think its fair to know who you are sharing a table with and it fits my ABC’s of life ‘Always Be Creepin’) I notice a rather large ring on his finger. Far too large to be a class ring and definitely of Championship nature so of course I ask “Sir, what’s the ring for?” As he tilts it over I see the Olympic rings and get really interested in the story to follow.

Turns out we shared the table with a 1996 Track & Field Olympic Judge… We would have never known if it weren’t for me being nosing and following my passion to ABC life, I’m sure you will be reading more about my ABC adventures in future posts, it is rather fun and really leads to great nights. I HIGHLY suggest you try to ABC at least once a week and see what it’s all about.

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