I Haven’t Died

JT Wheelie leg thing

Wow, it has been a long time since I have posted in here! There have been a few new things and a lot going on lately so this and the site in general fell to the back burner. If you haven’t been to the home page, www. The Urban Sniper .com, in a while I suggest you go check it out, i got an AWESOME logo made for me by James Gulino, peep him on Facebook if you need anything made, dude has the skills!

The side tracking can be blamed on the my new tattoo, Style from Sangre Hermosa has been killing me every weekend for the past month working on my Simpsons themed half sleve. I told him I refused to work on it this weekend however so that I could enjoy normal life for a few days. We’ll be back at it next weekend. We are prolly 60% done with it now and it is already getting lots of attention. If you are thinking of new ink I HIGHLY reccomend talking to him, tell him I sent ya and he’ll take care of you too!

Gonna try and stay up on this blog now and do some tweaking to the site, let me know if you need any photos and we can set something up. Also, don’t forget to click both the “Like” and “Share” buttons at the top right of this page! Thanks guys!

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