Hmm, I Wonder…


Well, knowing that the weather wasn’t going to be peachy-keen and wonderful all weekend I had decided the other night that I wanted to go to the mall to tackle some true urban photography. I wasn’t really interested in people as much as i was in storefronts and maybe the occasional odd looking person should they pass by. My first thought was indeed, Why have I never seen a DSLR walking in a mall before? Other then the fact that it comes off a bit odd, I wonder if its not allowed or something? Oh well i figured, It’ll last as long as it takes for someone to tell me to stop.

So, I set off to International Plaza as it was my best chance for cool signage and random sightings. I made sure to bring a friend so that the camera would blend in a bit better.

Walking up and down the halls I didn’t see any fun looking people and the signage was a bit boring given the up scale nature of the mall. I came up to the Puma store and was taking a few shots of their logo when a rent-a-cop stopped me to remind me that “storefronts are trademarked” I said ok and continued shooting. She watched me trying to make me stop until we walked off, though she did not follow as to say don’t do it at another store. I thought her comment was a bit odd.

So, getting home I set out find some information on the “storefront copyright” to which I can find nothing. If anyone knows anything about a storefront or window display being copyrighted hit me up on Facebook.

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