Fun Night Out

Daves tC

Tonight was crazy, went to Boing Jump Center in Tampa, Fl with the crew, that place is nuts! It was a blast but it showed me just how out of shape i truely am. Not to mention that my back started to really hurt after the first 10 or so minutes. It’s $12 for the first hour and $9 for each additional hour, well worth every penny. Fun tid-bit for all you Foursquare users, the Mayor gets free equipment rental!

Need to know info, you have to sign a waiver to jump, you have to have a valid photo ID, and you can not have anything on you, no cell phones, wallets, jewlery, or glasses. Even all piercings must be taken out. Thankfully they didnt see or say anything about my eyebrow.

Go check the place out! Boing Jump Center

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