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Some days the power of the interwebs really amazes me…

Yesterday I posted a blog about some contacts I had received in regards to the Rudy’s Calendar which I am helping to plan and develop. In that blog I posted a link to the companies who were provided to me just so that I would not have to worry about keeping track of a piece of paper or wondering what I named the file which I listed them in (oh the joys of having your own site/blog).

Well, this morning I woke up and reached for my phone, cleared all the CNN and AP notifications, cleared the facebook notifications, caught up on my text messages, and then checked my email. I was a little surprised to see an email in my inbox from Drummond Press, one of the companies listed in the previous email, with it being Saturday and having spoken to the contact the day prior, knowing they would be off for the weekend I was not expecting to see anything from them. I opened the email to see it was actually the President of the company emailing me in response to my blog post. He just wanted to make sure that his company had been contacted regarding the calendar and would be given a chance to offer a bid.

I informed him the communication had already began with his company, and the others, and was looking forward to working with him.

I am just really amazed that even on a Saturday a President of a company takes the time to email some little guy like myself to make sure they are being given a fair chance and not just enjoying some free advertising. After a connection like that I am hoping his bid is in line with the others I am expecting just because I would like to do business with someone as connected as this man and his company.

Especial to my friends over at Sibling Rivalry who are based in Jacksonville, Fl. – If you are in need of something printed I highly suggest you give the guys over at Drummond Press a call and see how they can help you.

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