Cowboy Studio

Cowboy Studio is one of my favorite camera accessory dealers. There gear is so reasonably priced while still being of amazing quality. I’ve been using one of their strobe holder/ umbrella kits for a few months now and absolutely love it. Well, the other day I went to use it a realized I was missing a part to it. My money is on me having left it in my Scion xD which I traded in a couple months back. So, after looking all over my room and car I decided to order the part I am missing (only $15) but i could not resist their deals section and picked up a a 4 continuous light kit, stands, umbrellas, case and extras. I can’t wait to get to play with all this stuff; hopefully it will come in handy for the Rudy’s Calendar Shoot

In other news, if anyone knows of any deals on a Nikon 10.5mm or a Nikon 200-400mm let me know!

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