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› The second date is when you really get to know someone.

Why hello there,

I’m glad you have enjoyed our time together so far as much as I have and were willing to go on this second date together. I know… I know, you are probably confused by all the names floating around on here; Joseph Knapp, Joey Newcombe, Luci, The Urban Sniper, no fret though, there are all me: I am them; we are us!

Here’s how it breaks down. My parents birthed me to the name of Joseph Knapp N. In a professional tone I due rather enjoy my name but as you may have gathered from the site thus far :insert name here: and professional do not generally go in the same sentence. As a kid everyone always called me Joey and it has stuck through the adult years as well until one night in the spring of 2008.

It was a hot and muggy Spring Break evening in Daytona at Spring Break Nationals. I had gone there with my show car a 2007 Scion tC named Luc1f3r and a group of my friends. I was only 20 at the time so when the group decided they were going to go bar hopping I was not able to go out with them and sent back to the hotel with an other underage girl and an of age girl who was going to keep us company so we wouldn’t feel so bad about being young. Because of this night I was dubbed “One of the girls” which shorted Luc1f3r to Luci and it stuck as my nickname.

I have always had a thing against people knowing my name. Any job I have worked which involved wearing a name tag would always get a false name or would be switched with a coworker on a daily basis. For that reason I accepted Luci and embrace it in full.

Next on to the site name; The Urban Sniper; I have always felt my photography was more about capturing candid moments and stalking my subjects until they were unsuspecting and ready for capture. One night I was at a private warehouse lot stunt session to take some pictures and had brought a friend. As he watched me remove my backpack and assemble my equipment, that night I was using a Nikon D60, 35mm lens & SB-900, he exclaimed “Dude, you look like a sniper getting ready to go to war!” I liked that analogy and stuck with it. Thus, The Urban Sniper was born.

Across the internet you may also see reference to JKPics, which is just short for Joseph Knapp Photography. And, Knapp Shots a play on Snap Shots which was retired once finding out there were other photographers out there whom used that tag.

I hope you enjoyed this time getting to know me as much as I did and that I was able to clear up any confusion you may have been experiencing over all the names on the site. I think we will have a wonderful relationship together. Feel free to contact me if you have any more questions or would like to book a shoot in the Tampa Bay or surrounding areas.

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