2011 Kick Off

So the new year brings new motivation. It’s time to get life in gear and get things where they need to be.

Today I applied for USF (God i hate the bulls!) But it is the only school that offers the major I want in the area so it must do. Well see how the application process goes. I applied for Summer to give me time to get things in order and build up some tuition reimbursement for the fall session. Heres to a Sociology degree by 2013! (Ha! i graduated HS in ’04. 🙁 )

On top of that this is the year of debt dismissal. Right now I have 1 store credit card, 2 major credit cards and 1 car loan that totals out to around $25,000 I’m only 23 years old, WTF!? The sad part is I was A LOT worst off a year ago this time. By the end of 2011 all $25,000 will be gone or I’ll be kicking my own ass.

Next on the agenda for the year is looking into home ownership; with the goals of being debt free by the end of the year I’ll be on point to buy a nice house at the end of the year/ start of 2012… Looking for a 3/2/2 or larger, single floor, without pool; preferred. Should you know of anything lol.

On top of all this money saving (I enrolled in my 401k this year also, company matches 50% up to 6%, so I’m doing 6%) I want new toys too! I want a D300s with a 10.5mm lens and a yet to be announced 13″ MacBookPro with a 1TB HDD, 4GB of ram and no optical drive… oh yes, this is my Nostradamus prediction of the year!

I think thats enough for one year, no? And lets not forget the little things like getting this photography gig going and getting some legit shirts made so all my friends can rep me!

Any help or advice you have on any of my plans for the year I’m all ears for!

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