Wireless Triggers, Rain Covers & Neck Straps; OH MY!

I was given an Amazon gift card today and knowing I still had an active Amazon Prime membership I wanted to get an order in ASAP to capitalize on it.

I decided to pick up a bunch of random things I have been wanting but not badly enough to spend the money on it.

I got a next strap system which will allow me to use my tripod quick release full time like a currently do. After reading reviews on the BlackRapid and Sun-Sniper (Yes, I did like this on name alone) I came to see that most people who liked to use a tripod quick release plate preferred the Carry Speed system over the other brands. After some more research I found that CowBoy Studios carried a knock-off of the Carry Speed so I went with that option. I’ve had a lot of good luck with CowBoy Studio endorsed products in the past so I am willing to try again.

Next up is wireless trigger kit, this is something that I’ve wanted for a while, I’ve also wanted entry level units because it is something I want to try before I commit to. Pocket Wizards are the gold standard on the topic but the price is a point where if I don’t like it or use it often I’m out a chunk of money. This way if I like my CowBoy Studio NPT-04’s I’ll get used to using the system and Pocket Wizards will be more justifiable in the future.

The last item(s) I picked up were a pair of rain covers for my camera. It has been raining here a lot lately and I think I may want to try some Lightning photography in the coming season so these were just something my bag was lacking.

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