V2Lab’s Mystery Meat 2013

Well, that’s a wrap!

Made it to my first Mystery Meat hosted by Version Two Laboratory’s this past weekend and it was simply insane.
6 parking lots that I noted, not all of which I made it through.
3 streets lined with cars that I noted, not all of which I made it down
Countless other cars roaming the downtown Orlando streets.

It’s amazing how many people actually showed up for this event. There was everything from the typical stock Civic to Donks, Lifted Trucks, Show Quality Builds, Exotics and SEMA builds. If didn’t make it I suggest you add it to your list of things to do for 2014 and plan to brings means to get around the city to see things, I saw people navigating on everything from skateboards/ longboards, bicycles to Ruckus’.

Crazy event! Glad I went and will make the next one.

Thanks Ravi and the V2 crew who helped pull it off.
Pictures will be up as soon as I can get through them all.


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