Tokina 11-16mm

Tokina 11-16

Figured since it’s Cars & Coffee again this weekend and also the Auto Combine I may as well pull the trigger on this lens I have been wanting since I got into photography, the Tokina 11-16mm.

I ordered again from Adorama because they had the lowest price on the lens and also offered a mail in rebate making it even lower than anywhere I could have ordered from. They also offer the lowest shipping charges guaranteeing I will have the lens in time for this weekend’s fun.

Tokina just announced an update for the 11-16mm which will be released next month, March, but it seems as the only addition/ upgrade the lens is receiving is a focus motor allowing autofocus on lower end camera bodies. As this does not benefit me I see no need to wait for the release.

See you all this weekend, I’ll be behind my new lens!

Check out some of old gear for sale – help me make room in my bag for this new lens.

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