Super Boat Races – Day 2

So today was my second day out at the National Championship’s for the Off Shore Super Boats and it was even more amazing than yesterday. I got there early enough to see the smaller classes run and figure out where I wanted to be when the big guys came out.

They were supposedly charging to get on Pier 60 and $5 for ever pavilion you passed under making it $20 to get to the very end of the pier, normally a $.50 fishing section. By the end of my day I had made it all the way out to the $20 section without spending a dime.

It was a very impressive sight to see, these boats sound like monster trucks and go twice as fast as their land counterparts; top speeds in the 170M.P.H. range. Not only were there the race boats which accounts for maybe 8 boats on the water, there was a couple hundred spectator boats, which only had to be 30ft!!! away from the race field, with no protection barriers, there were also 5 helicopters; 2 camera crews, 2 safety crews, and 1 spectator chopper (all had scuba divers on board to jump out should an issue arise), and there was also 6 plans in the air with the flying billboards. All in all it was a really awesome sight to see.

I’m glad I was able to make it out to this event and definitely glad the weather was nice enough to be PERFECT for this, highs in the low 80’s, light breeze and not a cloud in sight. Talk about epic all around.

Pictures will be up later, don’t worry, I’ll let you know as soon as you can view them.

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