Storm VS Soul

Made it out to another Tampa Bay Storm game tonight thanks to my Aunt and Uncle and it was more excitement than usual. Of course I took my camera, a gripped Nikon D300s with a 70-300mm F4.5 and my new shoulder strap, that I love.

The Tampa Bay Time Forum’s policy on cameras is no lens over 6″s which is measured by using a mini maglight flashlight. The 70-300mm clears this inspection with maybe half an inch to spare, I have taken this combo inside the Tampa Bay Times Forum over a dozen times in the past 9 months for both Lightning and Storm games. I’m well aware of the rules and well aware that my gear meets the requirements to be allowed inside.

Moment #1:

Walking into the Forum there is first round security, you know, the guys who check bags, purses & what-not. I go past one who doesn’t look twice at me and the guy past him says “Don’t you think you should check that camera?” At this point I’m already half way up the stairs and the guy shrugs it off.

I made it to the game about 2 minutes after it started so I decided to watch from one of the standing areas before venturing down to the seats. Towards the end of the quarter, 20+ minutes of me standing and shooting from this area, an usher comes up to me.

Moment #2:

Usher 1: Sir, do you have credentials?
Me: :confused face: for what?
Usher 1: I’m going to have to ask you to leave, you can’t have that camera in here.
Me: It is under 6″ it’s allowed.
Usher 1: Sir, you are going to have to leave.
Me: You are going to have to get someone else. *snap* *snap*
Usher 1: Sir it exceeded the limits *fumbles with a paper with rules on it*
Me: Don’t worry, the camera policy is hidden on the website too I can understand why you can’t find it on your sheet.
Usher 1: They let you in the building with that?
Me: I’m standing here talking to you, right?
Usher 1: Ok sir, I don’t really understand why we even have a camera policy so have a good night. *walks away*
Me: *snap* *snap*

Fast forward to the 3rd period. Where I have been sitting and shooting for a while from my seat.

Moment #3:

Usher 2: *walking up stairs towards the exit* Sir, do you have credentials?
Me: *eye roll* *pop off lens hood* *hand Usher my camera* It’s under 6″
Usher 2: *Pulls out maglight while fumbling with the same rule paper as Usher 1* They let you in here with that?
Me: I’m sitting here, right?
Usher 2: Ok sir, enjoy the game.

Tampa Bay Times Forum, please educate you staff on your camera policies,

Signed – a photography hobbyist.

Pictures from the game will be posted by the end of the weekend.

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