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It’s not uncommon for people to build cars and sell them for one reason or another. It’s also not uncommon for all your friends to tell you, you are retarded for doing so. What happens when you finally give in and buy your project build back? This is Jon’s saga and it’s still a better lovestory than Twilight.

Jon was the 3rd owner of this 1999 Saturn SC1 when he decided he wanted to kill the game with an unusual build. Once the project was done he had to part ways with it. After the car had been in more garages than the neighborhood harlot it found its way back into Jon’s possession.

We took this lady of the night out for some current pictures to start the rebuild. She has been ridden hard and put up wet. Nevertheless Jon has grand plans for this unique build and plans to have it back on the road quickly, after a complete overhaul.

Hood View
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