Sky Surfing

My uncle got me a trip to go Sky Surfing for my birthday and it was, AWESOME!

I was more than a little bummed when I showed up with my friends Nikon and the pilot said I couldn’t bring it up in the sky with us… He then tried to sell me GoPro shots of the flight for $40… Keep in mind he posts these same photos on his Sky Surfing Facebook page… I offered him the $40 to let me bring my camera and he declined.

After that we got up in the air and of course my first thought was; duh, my phone is in my pocket!

Home, it’s where your coast is. I love Clearwater Beach and being able to call it home.

They say the best camera is the one you have with you and in this case I guess that was true but boy, do I wish the iPhone 5 had a better camera.
Come on iPhone 6!

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