Sibling Rivalry 7, DONE!


First off I want to say sorry to most of the cars in the list below, judging took far longer than I had expected so I did not get a chance to really walk around taking pictures as I had planned.

This was my third time going to Sibling Rivalry 2008 (SR 4 – 3rd place Scion), 2009 (SR 5 – Judge), 2011 (SR 7 – Judge) and every time has been a blast. It is amazing to think that a show like this, on par with HIN and NOPI (at their bests) and they manage to do it for free! Not only is the show free but they even provide free food, this is nuts! Odd that they charge for drinks but they have to pay for the food somehow I guess.

Here is a tip for everyone planning on going to SR 8 with low cars – use the side entrance labeled exit… maybe that will be the only entrance next year, makes a lot more sense…

Sorry for the lack of coverage.

Congrats to all the winners!
Best of Show // Emanuel B // Subaru
1st Toyota // Michael H // 2002 Camry
2nd Toyota // Eric R // Corolla
3rd Toyota // Chris S // Matrix
1st Scion // Brook Z // Scion tC
2nd Scion // Mike W // Scion xB
3rd Scion // Christian D // Scion xB
1st Lexus // Eric N // SC300
2nd Lexus // Nikolas T // SC300
1st Old School Toyota // Doug T // 84 Corolla
2nd Old School Toyota // Willie V // 81 Corolla
3rd Old School Toyota // Frank S // 86 Camry
Toyota Truck // Amy C // X Runner
1st Other Makes // Jesus V // Charger
2nd Other Makes // Justin G // Evo VII
3rd Other Makes // Zoltan H // 240 sx
1st Old School Other // Jason G // 85 Jetta
2nd Old School Other // Rob F // 88 RX-7
3rd Old School Other // Michael W // 88 CRX
Best Female // Brook Z // Scion tC
Best xB // Jay A
Best xB2 // Nate W
Best tC // Trevor W
Best xA // Ronna L
Best xD // Matthew G
Best Corolla 86 Older // Ian A
Best Corolla 87 Newer // Pedro M
Best Celica // Michael A
Best Supra // Frank T
Best MR2 // Mark and Yvonne B
Cleanest Ride // Landon B // Tiburon
Best Engine // Donnie K // MR2
Best Exterior // Cristobal S // 04 Matrix
Best Interior // Michael H
Best VIP // Shea M
Best JDM // Carlos G // RHD CRX
Best Stance // Adam P // (MM Stancy)

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