Shawn’s Supra… It’s for sale!

Supra Rainbow Sky

Met up with a friend the other night to shoot a couple shots of his 1994 Toyota Supra so he could post it for sale…

Supra Rolling

Supra Parked Nose
We took a short ride over to Clearwater so we could grab the amazing sunset with his Supra, nothing makes a sunset look better than a nice set of CCW’s

Supra NOS Bottle
Yes, the bottle is functional, as if 18-24lbs of boost wasn’t enough for anyone there is always a double shot on tap for those in need.

Supra Rear Wing
You can’t shoot a Supra without a few shots of the rear.

Supra CCW Closeup
Timeless classics

Supra Motor Center
If you’re going to have a fast car with a built motor you may as well have your share of bling too, right?

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