Renaissance Festival Tampa 2013

Weird Guy

This past weekend some friends and I made it over to the MOSI area of Tampa to check out the 2013 Renaissance Festival…

We have gone before and this year was no less full of surprises. I must admit, I spent more time in awe than taking photos but, here are a few that I did take.

Foxxy Lady… I Hope It's A Lady
No matter where you look there is something odd to see… is that a fox??

Ribbon Pose
Even when you look up there are people spinning in trees.

Hand Henna Gold
If a time travel machine really did exist I’m pretty sure it would come equipped with a Henna station…

Henna Hand Pose
The end result of the image above.

Henna Finger Face
A little new school to mix with the old school… Really though, aside from mustaches being so awesome… why are they all the rage these days?

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