Reeves MotorSports Gathering April ’13

Countach Tail

It has been a while since I made the early morning trek over to Reeves of Tampa for their MotorSports gathering, a Cars & Coffee style early car meet for luxurious and exotic. With this being a tribute meet for Sam I decided I would make time for the event between the other excitement of the weekend.

The above Lamborghini Countach was by far my favorite vehicle at the event but there was certainly more spectacles of vehicular showmanship worth noting.

BMW Clown Drive
Dear Bozo, I found your lost shoe! The CCW’s really compliment it nicely.

Another BMW with nice wheels.

Porsche Tractor
Maybe I’m new to the vintage farm equipment game but, a Porsche tractor?!

Mazda Miata
Someone showed up on a Smurf edition Mazda Miata this month as well.

Vette Poor
This license plate really sums up my thoughts as I day dream through the sea of vehicles.

VW Bus Rear
Spring was in the air and summer is fast approaching, this VW Bus was ready for both!

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