PlushFest 2.0 Pictures

Almost exactly a month ago I went over to the Solaced Sneaker Boutique for PlushFest 2012, even during the middle of Tropical Storm Debby there was a great turnout and a great class of cars and owners. Today was the “make up” event… Kind of. Back at the Solaced Sneaker Boutique things got rained out early, this time they decided to move the event (maybe this was already planned?) over the bridge to Philippe Park; great idea. Again the weather was not a huge fan of the event but a larger than last time crowd was in attendance and the rain didn’t send anyone running until later in the day.

I added the pictures from PlushFest 2.0 in the gallery with the original PlushFest pictures.

Again, to the promoters and organizers, great job getting people to come out even in the face of rain and not complain at all!

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