Miatapalooza 2013

Gabe Rolling BW

This past weekend I went out with a friend who just picked up a new car. After his share of German problems with an Audi wagon he decided to get smart and go for a reliable Jap ride and make sure it was completely nonfunctional. He went down to South Florida and picked up a Porsche Blue NA Mazda Miata a week or so back and just in time. The annual Miatapalooza event was here and as my girlfriend owns a stock NB we had to go.

Gabe Coin
This was the 2nd year for the Miatapalooza held at the Hooters in Lakeland, Florida right off I-4. Knowing there over 350 Miatas registered for the palooza Gabe felt obligated to wash his car for the meet.

Gabe Spray
Don’t forget the wheels!

Gabe Camber

Gabe Rolling OnRamp
With the car still damp from we were running late for the meet up and hopped on the road to meet a large group of Miatas to head to the event.

Gabe Rolling Side
Perfect stance if you’re into evasive driving.

Gabe Rolling Pack 2
Once we met up with everyone it was time to head on to the actual meet.

Once at the meet we proceeded to do hoodrat things…

Gabe Interior
The interior of Gabe’s NA.

Gabe Rear
Red Bride seats and a gold cage finish of Gabe’s interior.

NRG Wheel
Plenty of individuality at the meet.

Red Trailer
Who doesn’t need to tow things with their ultra-sub-compact?

Red LS1
The go fast guys showed up with a pair of Miatas who had shoved some LS1’s in the tiny bays.

Matt Bay
Another pretty engine bay at the event.

One does not simply go to an event hosted by Hooters and not eat Hooters..

Check out the rest of the Miatapalooza pictures below.

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