Macbook Pro Docking Solutions

Finally getting settled into my new place and loving my new work station.

2 HP2311xi – 23″ IPS monitors
Macbook Pro
Wacom Intuos 4 (small – wired)
Apple bluetooth keyboard, magic mouse, 10-key
HP printer
Sony Stereo

The stereo is an old shelf system and could stand some updating but that is low on the list. Right now the thing I am in dire need of is a docking solution for my MBP.

The units I have found thus far are:

Henge Dock – $70
BlackTip – $55
Byte Dock – £99
BookEndz – $259
W1PPS – $98

I reallllllly like the W1PPS but it was a Kickstart project which did not reach it’s funding goals and never went into production. Of the others listed only the BookEndz system allows the laptop to be opening when in use, to use the webcam or the 3rd screen. Having to keep my laptop closed is a huge draw back to me. I am leaning towards a BlackTip or Henge dock and cutting the top half and base off the unit so I can lay it flat and still open my laptop.

Does anyone have any suggestions on docks which will fit my needs??

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