Life guard on duty.

Man, that was more fun then I was expecting.

Had a photo shoot tonight with a chick that I’ve been facebook friends with now for a little while, it was kind of a random shoot thrown together based on a facebook status. I’ve wanted to do a night shoot on Clearwater Beach at the life guard towers for a while now and have just been waiting on a face to help me out. Lucky for me this chick is/was a model; works at a model agency teaching young women how to be models, stunts motorcycles, and is going to school to be a doctor… She is interesting to say the least.

She was nice enough to work with me tonight on what turned out to be a very cold and wet night… for her! It started off raining but surprisingly she never once asked about rescheduling. We started off under the iconic Pier 60, hit up the life guard towers, some random bulldozers and on top of the pier.

Once she got warmed up to the session she was a blast to work with and I think it will really show in her pictures. But, that is enough talking about the subject with no pictures to back it up. I’ll be back with pictures soon!

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