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Civic NXS Wanna Race Close

The other night I hung out with a couple of crazy kids and their wild rides. Ride 1 was a 1999 Honda Civic Si with custom paint and more, the other was a 2000 Acura NSX with custom everything.

Civic NXS Wanna Race Close
I just met you and this is crazy but; wanna race? Jaaaasssss Keeding.

NSX Motor Window

Civic Meet NSX
Whether you are a carbon fiber fan

NSX Meet Civic
Or a pink flake fan, these cars have you covered. Literally, they are both covered in either carbon fiber or pink flake, so different yet so similar.

Rim Tease
CCW’s and Rays rims, go together like a NSX & Si

Group Cars
That silly NSX, always trying to out shine everyone.

Check out more of [link id=’4118′ text=’Ron’s 2000 Acura NSX’] and [link id=’4106′ text=’Eric’s 1999 Honda Civic Si’].

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