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Head over to to Identity Designs / 201 Wraps / Paint is Dead and grab a #RIPPaul Sticker. $1 covers shipping and manufacturing expenses, they are free if you pick up from their shop in Jacksonville, Florida.

From their post on Facebook:

Starting Tuesday December 3rd, 2013 Identity Design will offer FREE In Memory of Paul Walker decals. Paul / Brian was an influential part of my life, and my passion of automobile customization.

More importantly I want to clearly state an underlying condition that is very important to me in regards to this “offer”. We will in NO WAY, SHAPE, or FORM discuss any other business matters during this exchange. If you would like to discuss business, that is fine, do it at another time.

I want nothing to take away from what this is, an offering to other automotive enthusiasts who want to make sure that their condolences are given, in no better way than on their vehicle.

This offer will extend for 30 days from Tuesday. Decals will be available in ONE color, and will be FREE for pickup from our location, at one per customer, during normal business hours. These are open to ANYONE whom would like to pick them up, and if you would like installation, we will be happy to install them for you at no charge.

What I am doing is minuscule in comparison to what Paul Walker has done for our car scene. May you rest in peace Paul, and may our condolences be felt across this country and in the hearts of the family and friends of Paul Walker. 9/12/73 – 11/30/13

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