I-4 Walking Dead

Last night I went to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in Orlando with a group of friends, it was ok but nothing too crazy or wild. The drive home however was something else. At County Line Road in Pasco we came upon a 2 car rollover accident which had I-4 shut down. I walked from the car I was in up to another car in our group about 200yds ahead; after some small talk I decided to walk up to the front of the line and see what was going on. After a half mile or so I stopped a few cars from the accident, Fire Trucks blocking my view I decided not to go any closer. I made some small talk with the people out of their cars in the front and then headed back. On my way back seemingly every other car asked me what I had seen. Once I made it back to my car the people in all the vehicles around us started getting out.

We sat in this parking lot for about 45 minutes just making conversation with the random people we were now stranded with. Keep in mind this is now 1:30 in the morning with people who were all clearly just trying to get somewhere. No one was cranky, everyone in good spirits, this was really just made me think about life in the 50’s-60’s when everyone knew their neighbors and the world got along. Seems so crazy now.

If it weren’t for me having goin ABC’in I would not have gotten to talk to all the people I did nor the little pow-wow session in the middle lane of I-4.

When we were finally told by a police officer to turn around and get off the exit behind us and “follow the car in front of you” we did so. We were in line to make a left turn and a guy we were parked with comes zooming by in his truck with trailer to make a right and yells “Getting’ back onnnnn” so we follow as he is the only one going this way… We end up catching up to and passing 3 Semi trucks that left 20 minutes or so before us and then were able to get back on i-4.

Dear random guy in the truck, thanks for the shout!

Always Be Creepin’!

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