Hubysu Club Show Epic Failure

Warning: This is a rant / bashing post, I’ve never made one of these but it’s a blog so why not?

So today I went to the Hubysu Car Club’s first car show and I truly hope they don’t have another. Let me list the reasons why:

1) How does a car club use it’s own participants as judges and allow them to be a contestant?
1a) How can a judge, judge the class he is competing in?
1b) I was told someone else judged his car — so you judged every car there through your eyes and your car was judged by a friends eyes?
1c) Not only do you let them judge and compete, one judge won two trophies!?

2) How do you tell one person they can change classes after entering but not another (you were only allowed to enter in two classes)
Let me break this down; a car shows up late (see complaint 3) they decide to change one class, the judge who judged that class, competed in it, and won, says sorry you can’t enter in it… He clearly would have lost to this other car, not to mention a few others.

3) How do you allow someone to show up halfway through judging and still enter in the competition?
This one may be debatable but on a day where people have been baking in the sun for 4+ hours to allow a car that is clearing nicer than most cars there to enter is just in bad taste.

4) You have a class but not the trophy for it? This is a rookie mistake but still adds to the failure of the day.

5) I personally only entered my car because there was a class titled “Most Likely to get Pulled Over”. The car who won this was not announced because it was another club member car… It was what appeared to be a stock red 350z Nismo with tint. When I asked how that car was more illegal than mine I was told it’s red and he gets pulled over weekly… How do you know he gets pulled over weekly? Oh YEAH, he’s in the club and your friend.
For the record the list of warnings and tickets I’ve received / been threatened with included:
Stereo too loud / disturbing the peace.
Erratic driving (avoiding potholes due to being too low).
Painted taillights
Painted headlights
5% tint
50% tint on the entire windshield
AS1 line violation
Aftermarket bulbs (55watt 3,000k fogs – 55watt 4,500k lo beams – 55watt 5,000 Hi beams) Without the Hi’s on it is obnoxiously bright.
My car is black “murdered” on gold wheels and covered in stickers please tell me how a stock red car gets more attention? Note: this is not a plea for a trophy, I’ve thrown away more gold plastic over the past 3 cars / 5 years than I care to admit to.

6) The people judging the stereo’s knew nothing about audio judging. Telling me that some kid has has an $800 10″ JL w7 like that means anything is proof number one. They are $350 on ebay so maybe $450 for an authorized dealer with warranty. I have a pair of 8″w7’s and if some kid paid $800 for 1 10″ I have a bridge I’d like to sell him, they call it golden but I see it more red.
6a) Dollar amount has NOTHING to do with audio. Sure some things cost more than others but fit, finish & quality cost nothing but time and effort. Because one person paid retail for Best Buy to install their stereo and my 100% custom setup which was done for 1/3rd the price in a real shop should mean nothing. How does it sound? How does the install look? Of what quality are the components installed?

The thing that really bothers me is earlier in the day I was told that the judge who won two awards was not really in the club but since none of them had hosted a show he was helping out… I fell like if he knew anything about hosting a show none of these complaints would be valid except for forgetting the one trophy which as I said before is pretty excusable.

I’ve also never done this before but since the show offend me, my friends and others in attendance I have no desire to edit / post the pictures from the event. If someone from the event wants to clarify things or pay for my services I will get you images from the event, otherwise I will only post images of my friends cars and they will not be tagged / associated with this event. Here is a link to events I have covered for free, I’m not in this to make money it is a hobby. I just happen to have my own website and a large fan base.

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