Honda Ruckus – Rusty

Front Long

This past weekend I went out for a Sunday Funday ride with 29 other Honda Ruckus. One of them stood out more from the rest, not because it was so flashy and pretty but, the opposite, someone managed to find this brand new scooter which had been left in a barn for at least 50 years. Covered in rust and shot paint, this thing was definitely a diamond in the rough.

Rear Wheel
The copper tones really complimented the teal paint and rust nicely.

Jack Daniels Bag
Probably the first and only ruckus with a saddle bag, and a Jack Daniel’s leather bag at that. Great touch!

Battery Box
Nothing comes out of a barn covered in rust without a pinup on it somewhere…

Wheel Sticker
Little bit of new school (deep lips) to compliment the old school.

Check the rest of the pictures below and stay tuned to the site for more Ruckus coverage this weekend!

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