Honda Ruckus Beach Party

Pack Curve
What happens when you pull together 30 full grown adults add in some liquid courage and tiny scooters? Chaos, insanity, and an all around enjoyable time for everyone! This past weekend we did just that, met up in the Pinellas Park area of Florida and went beachside bar hopping. Good times were had by all.

Ruckus Therapy
Ruckus Therapy is the best therapy.

Ruck God
If she is willing to Ruck on the first date… Keep her!

KOK Lean
Why does everyone on a scooter feel the need to tell the camera man they come in peace? No really, WHYYYYYYYY? Every one of you did it!

Met Rear
Something does not look like the rest, but damn, this Metropolitan; looked great!

Met Stunt
And just because, another shot of this Met by the water.

Check out the rest of the pictures to see all the Ruckus’ that were there!

Don’t for get to check out the feature I did on Rusty too!

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