Henge Dock for Macbook Pro

I posted previously about my Macbook Pro needing a docking solution, I ended up going with the Henge Dock. I ordered through their e-Bay store as it allowed me to save a few dollars, knowing I was going to paint it to match my desk I didn’t care if the product was a “refurb” or not, it’s just molded plastic and wires after all.

I received my Henge Dock in about 3 days and it looked brand new, though the packaging did not look the same as in their unboxing video. The dock is now in my trash can and here are some of the reasons why I suggest you not purchase this product and look at some of the other options on the market.

1) You have to insert the cables yourself, this just seems silly.
2) They ship with the set screws in place, that being said most had fallen out of the unit by the time it made it to me, I was two set screws short.
3) The unit is designed aesthetically backwards, the set screw (ugly) side of the dock is on the Apple logo side of the MacBook Pro while their logo is on the backside of the MBP, I feel like both logo should be on the same side since no one really wants to see that the unit is a DIY project.
4) The slot they provide for the thunderbolt plug is not big enough for the plug rendering the main feature I need in my dock to be useless.
5) The firewire800 cable THEY provide does not fit the slot.

The first two issues were not deal breakers but the second two certainly were. And, of course I did not find them out until after I painted the dock black… Silly me for not making sure the product did it’s job first, right?

I don’t even plan to try and get my money back for the dock as I did paint it so it’s not like I can send it back to them but it is a word of warning to others.

If you are looking for this minimalistic solution I suggest you look towards the BlackTiP dock instead.

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