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I just installed FotoMoto on my site, I think I am in love! I really is as easy to set up as the reviews I read said it was, and more importantly it worked with my site. A bit surprising due to the way I host and display my images but it doesn’t seem to have an issue with it at all.

In the interest of seeing how well this works I am offering 50% off to the first 5 people who order images (all products, all styles, all sizes). I will post again when the 5 discounts have been used. Just enter the coupon code seen above at checkout and it will add the discount.

If you order please post on my Facebook page – JKPics or email and tell me how you felt about the system and the prices. Should I keep this or look for something else? Even if you don’t purchase and just go play with the system I would love some feedback.

The one drawback I see so far is my watermark stays on the image, they don’t offer a way for me to provide it without the watermark, in the current configuration of my site anyway.

Thanks everyone!

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