Formula Drift Palm Beach

Drift Hankook tC

Formula Drift Palm Beach was my first vested event. It was pretty fun to be in the middle of the action and stand around with such iconic photographers who represent some of the largest brands in the world. While I knew the gear I brought was more apt to cover the Slammed Society event also going on at the track I welcomed the opportunity to get in on the race photography. Take a look at what I shot while on the track at Palm Beach.

Dat Sky
The weather for Formula Drift Palm Beach was not to be considered perfect by any means but the rain showers throughout the day did help to keep everyone cool.

And clearly the weather had no effect on the crowds decision to attend.

The cars were staged and ready to go.

Lets go racing
The cars took the their turns getting in the last round of practice.

Some cars were just too eager to get going, accidents happen.

Drift DNA
Most cars made it through with clean passes.

As night fell over the track it was time for the main event, things got started with the national anthem like any good sporting event.

Model Umbrella Row
Just as important as the main event, the drivers introductions.

Model Umbrella Winghoe
With their lovely umbrella girls, heaven forbid the drivers see sunlight.

Drift Monster Center
Things get smoky as the drivers head back to the starting tree.

Drift Chasing
The action went along pretty well,

Shooter iPhone
but soon even the photographers got bored, iPhone challenge accepted.

Shooter Kendra
Then there was a repair delay and all we could do was wait.

Shooter Nap
Or nap…

Winning Car
Once it was all said and done, there could only be one winner, congratulations Michael Essa.

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