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After looking back through the pictures I took while at the Redbull Flugtag 2011 event in Tampa I’ve come to terms with the fact that I really did not care about the event at all. The sheere number of people cramed into this tiny space to watch these lunatics jump from 30ft into the water ontop of some crazy contraption was far more impressive then watching the winner soar a staggering 50ft.

All in all it was a fun event, I will watch the next one via the Redbull tweet stream though so I do not have to contend with the people; unless ofcourse I am part of a team… Anyone??

This was also my first time walking around the Channelside district, I have driven through a few times on the Rockstar CBR but I have never really stopped to look around. Maybe I’ll be able to go spend some time there walking around prior to NEXT WEEKS Tampa Bay Lightning Home Opener. Yes; I have tickets!

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