Firework Photography


Since it is presently the 4th of July (2012), what better topic to discuss than shooting fireworks.

“Get some black foam core and set your camera to bulb. Start the exposure when the fireworks start with the piece of foam core in front of the lens. Every time a burst happens move the foam core out of the way. You will get multiple firework bursts in one exposure” – Via Digital Photography School (I’ve also seen others suggest a black t-shirt will accomplish the same result)

The above tip is one which I have seen on a few websites discussing the topic of firework photography. The reason I’m reposting it is I’m curious, does anyone really think this is a valid technique with digital? To me it seems shooting multiple frames, layering them, and screening them would accomplish the same thing and maybe even do it with less smoke “noise”. It sure does sound like a fun practice but it also sounds like more trouble than it is worth… discuss.

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