Creatures in the Dark

Scuby and Mazda

As a Jew on Christmas Eve there really are not a lot of things to do, watch A Christmas Story repeatedly on TV, go to bed early, hang out at the local bar; none of which sound all that fun. Then, it dawned on me, I had my new Vagabond II to play with, surely there was someone willing to brave the chilly late-night temperatures of a Florida winter with me.

Lo and behold there was not only 1 person but 2! Ron with his Subaru WRX / STi sleeper and Daniel with is Lexus is300 show stopper.

Mazda Done Up
I wasn’t willing to make my first outing with other peoples cars and not at least get some practice in. I went to the first location an hour or so before the shoot so I had a chance to test things out with my Mazda 3.

Mazda Profile
Yes, I could have removed the cup but I think it adds a nice element to the image, thoughts?

Suby Nose At Night
After some practice the first real creature of the evening showed up. You can see the nose of Ron’s Subaru poking from the shadows in this image.

Suby Side
Went a bit crazy with this one though I like the way the car built in the image I’m not sure about the rest of the scene.

Subie Cockpit
There MIGHT just be too much going on in this cockpit but really, JDM Crystal knob, Nardi wheel, NRG Hub, paisley headliner, JDM Gauge Cluster, how do you really say no?

Lexus Face
And the final creature in the dark was Daniel’s Lexus. Reppin’ Canibeat, Stance Miami, Simply Clean, Lowered Lifestyle, Daily Routine & Serious Autosport.

Lexus Face CCW
The face of the monster.

Lexus CCW Weeds
Looks like we weren’t alone out there.

Lexus Trunk JL Edition
What’s an over the top car without a matching trunk setup, polished compressors and tank, JL furnished sexiness.

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