Blue Blondes, they weren’t sad.

Had another awesome shoot today. Today I worked with both Sabrina & Athena and Codi likes guns along with a pair of blue beasts, a Chevrolet Corvette and a Pontiac GTO. Also ended up doing a second mini shoot including Sabrina’s Ford Mustang. Took the cars out to the Graffiti wall in Ybor; it is becoming over used by myself, I think it will be my last shoot there for a while but it always dazzles the people I bring. Over all it was a great shoot, the girls worked great together and were very willing to help produce the images I was after to tell this great photo-story.

Unfortunately the pictures will not be posted for a few days as I am currently without computer. I returned my new MacBook Pro last night due to some updates to the line and I wanted the latest and greatest. I also opted to get the anti-glare screen on this model which only comes as a custom order direct from China. Pictures will be posted just as soon as I can!

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