Black Friday 2010

Man, how did people do Black Friday before the internet and social media!? I started things off Wednesday at Radio Shack where I unlocked the Holiday Hero Badge which entitled me to 20% off. The staff was very confused by the promotion but after the manager looked it up they gave it to me. So I picked up some new Skull Candy headphones since my Sonys had gone through the wash and no longer worked.

Next up was Toys*R*Us. There was nothing I wanted there but another foursquare badge so I drove by last night laughing at the people waiting in line, checked in and got an email telling me about my badge and my 15% off $150 or more… SCORE! (if anyone wants this comment and ill send it to you.)

On to the real shopping, once I got to work…
First stop, American Eagle; $68 later and I had 4 Polos and a beanie on their way. Next up, Aeropostale; $87 later and I had 7 Polos heading to me. Took a break and went to lunch. Panera was yummy. Come back and look at the Hollister site, they had shirts I liked but the 30% discount was only good in store and not online. Silliness! So I did a bit of hunting around and found that if you checked in at the store you would get the same 30% off… does this mean 60% off in store!? Oh well, I found that code number online and was able to use it! $105 dollars later, 5 more Polos in route and I was done stocking up on “Business Casual” for work. Averaging $16.25 per shirt is not a bad deal at all considering the brands I got.

All in all I’d consider this a successful Black Friday for all companies who got my money.

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