Another new lens

Today I came across an ad on craigslist for a semi-pro photographer getting out of the game. He had a lot of great gear for sale, most of which was out of my price range or out of my skill level – I won’t be growing into it any time soon. But, he did a “few” 50mm primes for grabs. I already have a 35 prime in my bag but everyone says the 50mm is not overkill if you already have the 35mm. I sent him an offer and he agreed, score! After meeting him to get the lens we get to talking, he creeped my site (as I tried to his; flash based, didn’t load) and said he knew a few of the people I had photographed, crazy!

After the purchase I went to the grocery store across the street to get rid of all my change, to my delight it basically covered the purchase of the lens!!

Right now I am trying to get some edits down and backing up my computer. Over the weekend Apple released new MacBook Pros, minor updates but I will not be left in the dust so soon. Tomorrow after work I am heading over to Inter nation Plaza to get a new one!

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